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03 October 2011 @ 04:12 am
I meant to update saying you all have posting access for graphics, but it's moderated. The reason I did this is to see who posts their graphics, and so paperdreamss and I can keep the spam out.

The next Challenge will start October 10th, and I will let paperdreamss chose it, as I have been a bad mod/owner.

also, does anyone know what happened to dechanter ? I sent her a message a couple months ago, but never heard back.
22 September 2011 @ 01:37 am
So, there has been a slight lul in this community. I blame myself for that, as I recently started school, and kind of forgot to mention that. Anyways. I know this was always supposed to be a icon challenge community, but what would you guys think of it becoming and icon AND icon challenge community? What I mean is, not only would we have our monthly challenges which will end and begin on thursdays now, but also a community where it's strictly icons we post.

In plain english, it would still be a challenge community, but to keep the place active, those who have signed up to be "makers" or icon posters can post any icon that involves zooey or emily in any way (it can be from new girl or bones or w/e movie either are in, as long as they're in the icon).
09 September 2011 @ 07:13 pm
*facepalm* I can't believe I forgot again! I so apologize for taking a month to do the banners for Challenge 18, I totally zoned that it was my turn.

The banners that are very late in being posted can be found here...Collapse )
16 August 2011 @ 12:28 am
 hey guys, just letting you know that there is still a banner challenge going on here. it's been extended until Aug 28th, so get those entries in. 

10 August 2011 @ 02:49 pm
Congrats to all :D

First Place: haldir_lives13

Second Place: haldir_lives13

Third Place: taikowinds

Banners will be made by taikowinds this week

Don't forget Challenge #19
Don't forget Header Challenge #02
07 August 2011 @ 02:11 pm
We have a triple tie this week that seems impossible to break! Please vote for ONE favourite :)

- Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
- Vote fairly and without bias. The quality of the icon is what you're voting for.
- Voting will close when we'll have a clearly winner

1. 2. 3.

Poll #1767779 Best Icon?
This poll is closed.

Best Icon?


Don't forget Challenge #19
Don't forget Header Challenge #02
04 August 2011 @ 01:48 pm
Voting Challenge #018

Ends AUGUST 5th We don't have any clearly winner so please keep voting!

01 August 2011 @ 05:39 pm
For this week we're going to have a banner challenge! With all the problems that Livejournal has been having the past month (I for one haven't been able to log in to livejournal without it timing out or just not working at all) I figured the next challenge would be a longer due date so that you all don't feel pressured to get in your submissions right away while lj is still working. So with that, the banner challenge will be for our Reminder banners. Now to make this challenge different, you need to have at least 3 submissions. These three submissions are for each challenge. Since we have challenges dedicated to Zooey, to Emily, and then to the both of them, the banners must have the following:

• Text saying "Challenge Reminder: Zooey's Challenge"
• Text saying "Challenge Reminder: Emily's Challenge"
• Text saying "Challenge Reminder"
• Size 400x300 px or 300x400 px with a resolution of 900px (the resolution helps for when you're using the really HQ pictures most galleries have)
• Any image can be used for both Zooey and Emily,

Submissions due August 15th.

• You MUST be a member
• Please only submit banners you have created for this challenge (aka brand new).
• Do not share the banners(s) until after the challenge is finished.
All effects are allowed (textures, brushes, coloring, blending, etc). Except Animations which are not allowed.
Please only use images in relation to 'Bones'
• You may reuse images or blend two together, you can do whatever you want with them.
Participants may submit Ten banners each.
The top Five will be the ones featured.
• Please submit all entries to this screened post as followed:


ZooeyDeschanel.net | Zooey-fan.com | Zooey-Deschanel.us | edeschanel.comemily-deschanel.org | emilydaily.org
01 August 2011 @ 12:11 am
Thanks for the wonderful icons! Time to vote:

- Please vote for your favourite 3 icons in order of preference.
- Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
- Vote fairly and without bias. The quality of the icon is what you're voting for.
- Voting will close August 5th, 2011
- Banner maker: taikowinds